Meet hundreds of solution providers ready to increase your productivity

Whether you want to increase yields, save water, improve soil health, produce your own renewable energy or simply increase your own personal food security, there are hundreds of solution providers exhibiting at GFIA 2017 with working products to help food producers across the animal production, aquaculture, crop production and horticulture industries. View the exhibitor list. 

Key exhibition sectors:

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The Exhibition

300+ suppliers will showcase thousands of working products to help you improve productivity anf profits. More.

MENA Food Production 2013

A free conference focussing on solutions and developments across MENA agriculture. More.

Open Innovations Theatre

A series of 15-minute talks from start-up companies who could shape the future of farming around the world. More.

Startup Pavilion

A selection of very determined entrepreneurs - they are looking for partners, buyers and investors.

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Thought for Food

A "Design Thinking Mash-Up Workshop" that will give you the tools to design and promote innovative solutions for food security.

Science Zone

A platform for universities and R&D institutes to showcase projects and partner with industry to take ideas from the lab to market.

Roundtable discussions

30+ discussions will give you the chance to tackle business-critical topics in groups of 10. More

Internet of Things Pavilion

A selection of some of the most exciting ICT and smart agri-tech solutions available on the market.
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Sustainable Date Palm Technology Centre

A showcase of solutions for crop protection, irrigation, post-harvest losses, soil management and cultivation. More

Animal & Protein Production Zone

A display of award-winning livestock will be joined by solutions in animal feed, disease management, reproduction, nutrition and new protein production. More

Agri-Mechanisation Area

An area dedicated to agri-mechanisation solutions across a range of business areas. The site will feature small low horsepower applications.

Controlled Environments Zone

A dedicated showcase for systems and services in greenhouses and vertical farm horticultural production.


Partner events at GFIA

Enjoy free entry into workshops being organised by Thought for Food, FAO and Arab Authority for Agricultural and Investment Development. More


Who attends and why?

Driven by a commitment to forge international collaborations, GFIA is unique in that it attracts professionals from across the entire value chain. If you work within the world of sustainable agriculture, or need to know more about the implications and opportunities of adopting new technology, you should be at GFIA 2017. 

Food producers: Find out how technology can combat risk, and learn how precision-farming technology can save you money and uncover methods of crop protection to enhance yields.

Supply chain professionals: See how innovation can make your business competitive and discover why you should invest in food production.

Government: See which innovations will work for farmers in your community, meet international trading partners and understand the benefits of sustainable agriculture programmes.

R&D experts: Build your network of collaborators, meet investors and buyers, and understand how to commercialise your innovations.

Investors: Get a comprehensive picture of the agriculture investing landscape, unearth emerging companies and find tomorrow’s BIG idea in sustainable agriculture.

Development agencies and NGOs: Meet new suppliers of innovative technology, promote your programmes, find innovations that will reduce water and energy usage and network with your peers from the development community.

About our visitors last year

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