Call for scientists to help fuel the fight against world hunger

Applications for the Hosted Scientist Programme are now closed. However you can still register to attend GFIA free charge here - please note that your travel and hotel costs will need to be covered by yourself. If you have previously applied for a place on the programme and have any questions please email

Are you a leading scientist in the field of sustainable agriculture? Are you currently undertaking ground-breaking research or forming a unique partnership with industry? If so, you could qualify for the ADFCA Hosted Scientist Programme at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture 2017. 

Two hundred of the world’s best scientific minds will be hosted at GFIA on a dedicated programme designed to establish a scientific crucible for discussion, to facilitate the sharing of transformative ideas and the development of initiatives aimed feeding a rapidly increasing global population against a backdrop of dwindling resources and climate change.

Who should apply? There will be two major themes to the Hosted Scientist Programme in 2017. If you are involved in relevant research, or forming a partnership with industry then we would like to hear from you.

Topic 1: Collaborations between research and business for a more sustainable agriculture.  A showcase of successful collaborations between research and business plus group work and discussions around the challenges and possible solutions to transfer research from the lab into the field more quickly. Participants will have the opportunity to understand these models and approaches for potential replication and development for the benefit of the food system. Participants on this programme should be engaged in a research-business collaboration, or be in charge of forging such collaborations in the future.

Topic 2: Sustainable animal production. As the population grows and dietary habits evolve, there is a ever-increasing demand for meat products amongst consumers in the region. On the one hand many livelihoods in rural communities traditionally depend on raising livestock and these smallholders are facing increasing threats from desertification and climate change. And on the other hand large-scale intensive production systems will mainly meet this rising demand for animal products and these systems face significant challenges to overcome their impact on water resources, land and forests and the climate. This programme will showcase of the latest research and thinking driving sustainability in livestock systems for the benefit of companies looking to increase their efficiencies, reduce their costs and in turn increase animal welfare, reduce environmental impact and increase economic viability. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the cutting-edge developments in areas such as genetics, feed and nutrition, health and disease management. Participants on this programme should be involved in research relating to sustainable animal production.

How do you apply?

Applications are now closed. Previous applications will be assessed and applicants can accept to receive notification mid-February 2017. 

What do hosted scientists receive?

  • Return airfare to Abu Dhabi where applicable 
  • Two nights hotel accommodation 
  • A complimentary pass to attend all aspects of GFIA Abu Dhabi, including entry into the exhibition, main conference and innovations programme.
  • Entry into all Hosted Scientist learning and networking sessions
  • Visa application processing service where applicable 

How are you expected to contribute?

  • Attend both days of GFIA from 20-21 March 2017
  • Participate in the Hosted Scientist Programme sessions that include workshops and roundtable discussions on the topics above

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