Bee hive system

Presented by Prof Ahmad Al Khazim Al Ghamdi, Supervisor of Bagshan Bee Research, King Saud University

The idea of this invention is to design a bee hive system with favorable conditions inside the beehive colony that is suitable for local environmental conditions. Due to high temperature and dryness, we lose almost 70% of our bees in some parts of Saudi Arabia in the summer.

This system uses 7 frames (wax comb plates) and will be produced locally instead of the imported traditional one of having 10 frames. As research proved, eggs of the queen will not hatch if the humidity is less than 50%. Hence this system will be fully equipped with a humidity controller and temperature controller governed by software to control the humidity (50% to 70%) and temperature (below 34 or above 32) whenever needed in summer preventing bees from death of the colony.

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