Date Palm Developments

Presented by D.P.D. Ltd.

 D.P.D. Ltd. (Date Palm Developments) is the market leader in the production of Date Palm planting stocks using plant micro-propagation.  Pioneers in the field, D.P.D. Ltd. has over 35 years of experience in the commercial production of high quality, disease-free, true-to-type, tissue-cultured Date Palm plants. Using our unique production system and employing the best resources available for independent DNA-based Variety confirmation, the latest disease-testing techniques and effective production management, we supply the highest quality Date Palm plants available on the market today. With our associate Green Coast Nurseries in the U.A.E. and our parent company Atul Ltd. India, our plants have a proven track record in over 30 countries, playing an important role in developing sustainable agricultural programs across the world.


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