Presented by Bill Haraka, Managing Director and Co-Founder, TEC-IB

TEC-IB launched DateGIS at the esteemed Saudi Agriculture exhibition, from 2-5 October 2016, in Riyadh after concluding successful EU-KSA pilot program in Al-Kharj date farming region in the KSA. Currently DateGIS is being expanded towards KSA nationwide coverage.
DateGIS utilizes remote sensing big data acquisition, from satellites, small airplanes/drones and in-situ systems equipped with high-tech sensors, towards actionable information for (date-)farmers, agriculture suppliers, Ministries of Agriculture and related government organizations.
By supporting the prevention/suppression/monitoring/decision-making of date farm management, through the provision of objective information about date farms and date palm trees health status, sustainable increase of date production, quality and yield, and reduction of  losses caused by Red Palm Weevil (RPW) infestations is accomplished.
DateGIS, as a cost-effective service for open field farmers, enhances the implementations of new Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles in the date sector and beyond.

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