Presented by Dr. Luigi Porcella PhD, Inventor, Founder and Chairman, FIRST (Future Innovation Right Solutions Technologies)

The RPW (Red Palm Weevils - Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus) infestation is hitting the palm trees population in a very critical, severe way, creating many millions USD damages every year. All the previous devices and systems used till now are not efficacious for mass trapping and moreover need a lot of expensive, continuous maintenance.

Based on the resonant cavity principle, our ELECTRAP patented invention overcome the problems of current pest control systems by deploying the MASER effect (radio microwaves emission) broadcasting a proper radiation wave length, fitting to RPW perception and attracting and killing them.

ELECTRAP doesn’t need any servicing for water or any other product, Pheromone and Kairomone are replaced only for a maximum of twice a year and, for the best IPM, it is integrated by SOSFIRST, our advanced endotherapy system.

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