Presented by Mark Horner, Commercial Director, Engage Agro Europe

Water is fast becoming the most important focus for future food security and the
future of food production in many areas of the world will depend greatly on how current and future agricultural water supplies are managed.
Leading work in this field is Engage Agro Europe. Its research and development has focused on water loss by evaporation and leaching in the Mediterranean basin. Work over the past 4 years has centred on the use of its multiple co-polymer technology, Integrate, created by Engage Agro to manage water requirement within the soil profile of irrigated crops.
Their work has yielded amazing consistent results allowing water application via irrigation to be reduced by up to 50% without any loss of production or quality of crops. The technical talk highlights the issue of water in Agriculture and the work undertaken by Engage Agro, with an in-depth look at the technology, Integrate, and how can aid growers now and in the future.

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