Evergreen Farm Oy


Presented by Ali Amirlatifi, Founder and CEO, Evergreen Farm Oy

Evergreen Farm Oy is a technology company focused on providing clean sustainable food through agricultural innovation. As the population on our planet grows and new arable land becomes more and more finite, and inefficient conventional methods of farming waste more water than the plants can retain a lot of resources are lost due to evaporation, percolation and condensation as well as emitting tremendous amounts of uncaptured carbon exits into the atmosphere due to cultivation methods.

Desertification, water displacement, and soil degradation, flooding, soil acidification, deforestation, have already become the issues of this century especially in sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South Central Africa.

The development and application of new technologies as well more precisely controlled, contained systems will be necessary to produce food more sustainability without the need for a tremendous amount of water and non renewable resources such as GHG due to fossil fuel use.

This is where Evergreen farms Oy comes in to perfect existing systems of hydroponics by replacing major flaws by more efficient and scalable systems.

No longer is there a need for the application of harmful agents such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or GMOs. No need to waste more water washing off the toxic residues that seem into the pores of the plant causing human allergies and long term repercussions.  

The more advanced agricultural technologies have come a long way, yet there was much room for improvement in their systems. Without the use of sunlight or soil, much is the uncontrollable is now successfully replicated especially when it comes to replacing the sun.

Lighting is currently limited to LED technology that's been around for centuries yet has improved. Evergreen Farms Oy has come up with the solution for the more energy hungry LED systems.

With more yield per square meter and indoor protection from the elements the long term viability is without a question a total success.

Lack of access to fresh, clean and healthy produce has spiked obesity as well as diet related diabetes.

Joining forces with the current available technological advances in robotics and engineering we need to be able to see into the future and plan well in advance of our growing and changing world.

Income growth and population growth will give a tremendous amount of demand for more sustainable, large scale, dynamic, manageable agricultural industries and innovations.

This is where Nurture over Nature wins without the need of DNA modification and artificial chemicals. The produce will also be much more nutritious and tastes better since the feed will be entirely organic.

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