Evodos Algae Harvesting

Presented by Fons Jacobs, Sales Manager, Evodos

Evodos is the developer and manufacturer of Dynamic Settlers. Dynamic Settlers are fast rotating equipment to separate fine particles from one or more liquids. The working principle of these Dynamic Settlers is Evodos proprietary separation technology, called Spiral Plate Technology.

The Evodos Dynamic Settlers excel in the combination of high separation effectiveness, a liquid free discharge, no usage of flocculants and low energy requirement. Evodos delivers a range of Dynamic Settlers, varying in throughput and dedicated for different sets of applications. Applications range from highly diluted soft particles like algae to abrasive mixtures like drilling fluids from the oil industry.

We are proud to let you know that with the Evodos Dynamic Settlers our customers achieve excellent results in harvesting algae. Today we have over 100 customers worldwide in the algae market. With Evodos, even the smallest algae strains (e.g. Nannochloropsis), fragile algae strains (Dunaliella and Diatoms) and both fresh and marine water algae are harvested successfully.

The Evodos Dynamic Settlers, with the unique Spiral Plate Technology, outperform conventional separation/harvesting equipment. The separation efficiency is over 95%, and the dry weight of the output algae paste is 1.5 - 2 times better compared to traditional centrifuges. Even more important, the algae paste is of excellent quality, all algae cells are harvested intact and undamaged.

During the harvesting process, the algae don't change in structure and temperature. Evodos is the only algae harvesting solution where all valuable components (ingredients) inside the algae cells are fully retained. This significantly increases the value of the output algae biomass.

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