Gaza Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Platform

Presented by Ahmed Sourani, Policy & Institutional Development Advisor, Oxfam

In Gaza, Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture development is aligned with a broader vision of supporting a more resilient agricultural sector that seeks to contribute to Gaza being more food secure, less dependent and vulnerable, and with its population having improved access to sustainable jobs and income, improved livelihoods and a safer environment. This will be achieved by the following strategies:

Increasing local production and the competitiveness of local products .

Reducing dependency on external imports and energy.

Facilitating a more favourable institutional and policy environment in which agricultural value

chains operate and are sustained.

Gaza Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Platform (GUPAP) is seen as the main platform through which the policy objectives of actors can be implemented; it fulfils the need for a multi-stakeholder interactive and participatory forum that brings together all key actors involved in the development of a resilient Palestinian agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip. However, the institutionalization of the GUPAP still needs to be reinforced.

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