PPotato potential unleashed through tiny true seeds

Presented by Hein Kruyt, CEO, Solynta

Highly recommended security crop triples yield and halves pesticides use. More with less.

Solynta, Dutch National Icon laureate, finally unlocked the tremendous potential of potato. Solynta found the breakthrough enabling hybrid breeding in Potato. Which means that now for the first time in mankind we can:

- reliable use 25 gram pristine true-seeds as starting material instead of the perishable, diseased, contaminated, bulky, hard to transport and store seed-tubers.

- accurately, predictable and quickly breed new varieties of potatoes, with durable disease resistance (ie against late blight) so less pesticides sprays, increased yield (30-300%), beneficial consumer and processor traits and which are resilient to climate change through increased heat-, drought-, salinity tolerance

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