Presented by Antoine Hubert, Chairman, CEO and co-founder of YNSECT and also President & co-founder of the International Platform of Insects for Food & Food (IPIFF)

Ynsect is developing insect-based products to feed animals, naturally. Its first blockbuster product is called TMP, a defatted protein meal made from mealworm larvae which has tremendous results on animal growth and health.

Ynsect has developed a unique high tech insect farming & processing platform, protected by several patents. Ynsect has successfully scale up its technology from lab bench to 3000 m2 fully automated Demo factory in 3 years’ time with 22M€ fundraising raised from public and private sources, backed by French and Singaporean investors. The company counts now 50 Ynsecters working from R&D to production & marketing, from 10 different nationalities.

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