Roundtable Programme - Free Entry

Tuesday 21 March: 11:30 - 12:15, Roundtable Arena

1.) Differences in the challenges in Middle Eastern and African Aquaculture, and how RAS technology and it’s providers can contribute to resolving these challenges
Gareth H. Lawrence, Principal Consultant, AquaBioTech Group 
Nikolaos J. Karatarakis, Business Development, AquaBioTech Group 

This roundtable discussion will tackle a series of issues that the Middle East and African aquaculture industry faces going forward and the role of RAS in this industry. These two regions are exposed to very different challenges. The roundtable discussion will be moderated by Gareth H. Lawrence as an African specialist and Nikolaos J. Karatarakis focusing on the Middle East case. 
The discussion will cover topics such as: species selection, production strategies, monitoring and control, technological trends, biosecurity and the benefits of a good project design. The discussions are designed to show how the benefits of RAS can be maximised and how to best develop projects of this nature in the region. 

2) The main challenges and opportunities for beekeeping in the region
Moderator: Professor Ahmad Alghamdi, Supervisor of Bagshan for Bee Research, King Saud University, KSU, Saudi Arabia and Vice President of Asian Beekeeper Association, China. President of Albaha Beekeepers Association, Saudi Arabia

Beekeeping industry is an important sector in gulf countries and in the Arab world as it important in the rest of the world. Honey bees produces more than 8 products, and play and important role in the sustainable Agriculture, and considered and important source of income for Recently some of Gulf countries make good effort to develop the beekeeping sector but still needs a lot of effort, for example Saudi Arabia has about 1 million colonies and producing around 9000 tons of honey, and still importing more than 45000 packages of bees and more than 17000 ton of honey every year. Also, UAE is importing most of the honey and importing more the 800000 packages every year. The roundtable discussion will be addressing some topics such as: status of the beekeeping sector in the region; Strengths and weakness of the beekeeping sector in the region; Effort by the governments to develop the sectors; Suggestions of how to develop the beekeeping sector in the region. 

3) City Farming: Growing on a net
Moderator: Rene van Haeff, Managing Director, Light4Food

4) Do more with less and protect natural resources
Moderator: CNH

  • What should we do to increase the yield?
  • What should be done to protect the natural resources?
  • How could we use technology to have sustainable farming?

5) Funding AgTech Innovation
Moderator: Roger Royse, Founder, Silicon Valley AgTech & Royse Law Firm

Private investors and financiers, Farmers, Agriculture companies, associations and federations and Science and agriculture media are invited to join this session.

6) High tech in agriculture: feed the city, feed the world!
Moderator: Jurgen Sonneborn de Leur MSc & Joep de Vries MSc, Advisor Foreign Investments and Internationalization, Agri & Food & Biobased of The Netherlands Europe, East Netherlands Development Agency
Agriculture missed the high tech bus! How can we catch up to feed the world? Which high tech innovations from The Netherlands in Europe can make a difference in future?
The floating farm, separation of water in milk, sensors for quality of milk, measuring changes in gene activity, grow locally, plant friendly, …
Discussion is needed to appoint your future themes and find therefore innovative companies and institutes. Can you address your opportunities and find the right partner(s)?


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