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In 2017, The Open Innovations Theatre will be focussing on innovations from start-up companies and will feature talks from some of the most determined entrepreneurs in the world such as In Ovo, Engender Technologies and WeFarm.

Don't miss the Start-up Showcase in the Open Innovations Theatre featuring innovators from around the world and convened by Roger Royse the brains behind Silicon Valley AgTech and AgTech Innovation Network.

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Relevant sessions on the main stage include a discussion on how public and private sector investments and collaborations drive innovations in agriculture on 21 March.

11:15 - 12:15    How public and private sector investments and collaborations drive innovations in agriculture

  • The Netherlands approach - Dr Hans van der Beek, Agricultural Counsellor for GCC Countries, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands
  • Financing Agricultural Innovations: The US Model - Quintin Gray, Agriculture Counselor, U.S. Consulate in the UAE
  • The role of angel and venture capital in agtech - Roger Royse, Founder, Silicon Valley AgTech & Royse Law Firm
  • Case study: an investment story - Erich Sieber,  Managing Director, Bluefields Associates DMCC

Plus a free-to-attend workshop from event partners Thought For Food.

Design Thinking Mash-Up Workshop organised by Thought For Food (TFF)

20 March, 15.00 - 17.00, Roundtable Arena

Join Thought For Food (TFF) in a "Design Thinking Mash-Up Workshop", where you will gain the insight, skills, and specific tools you can use to design innovative solutions for food security. Using unexpected skill sets and resources, expect to leave this session with not only new ways to iterate within your own company (new or old), but a better understanding of what it means to leverage next-generation platforms like Thought For Food. TFF is is committed to empowering and engaging the next generation of innovators to help feed 9 billion people by 2050.
Facilitator: Edward J. Silva, Executive Director, Thought for Food Foundation

Target audience: Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Private sector, Students

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